Book a Braindate— 1:1 and 1:5 Mentorship Sessions

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We'll have a huge Networking Lounge brought to you by Twilio in the Sponsors We Love area. Think couches, pillows and plenty of space to learn something new!  It'll be open from 9AM - 6PM everyday. 

Braindates are designed to be one-on-one & group mentoring sessions based on knowledge you want to share with fellow SaaS minds at Annual. The goal is to help each other learn something new, find mentorships, create partnerships and exchange strategies.

You should plan on booking your Braindates before you arrive at Annual. To get started, login to Braindate with the email your ticket is under. You'll then notice the topic marketplace where attendees post what they want to share or learn.

You can jump in right away to an exciting topic and send your first Braindate invitation, or you can create your own topics so that others can invite you for a mentorship session. You'll meet up for your Braindate on-site at the Networking Lounge! 

PS - if becoming a SaaStr Certified Mentor piques your interest, catch our latest post on how to become one at Annual.