Get Funded at SaaStr Annual

Meet with top tier VCs through the Meet a VC Program


What is the SaaStr Meet-a-VC Program:

An innovative SaaStr Annual program— Meet-A-VC gives Founders and CEOs the chance to have 1:1 meetings with a hand-picked group of vetted, elite VCs. This program is exclusive to SaaStr Annual 2020 attendees and is your chance to meet investors from Silicon Valley greats. Think of it like a sophisticated match-making service for your company’s next funding round.

Here’s how it works:

  • First, secure your ticket to Annual. Remember, this program is strictly opt-in (founders + investors) and limited to verified attendees

  • Post-revenue Founders and CEOs can apply to the Meet-a-VC Program by uploading a full deck, stage, funding status, revenues, growth rate, etc

  • SaaStr will verify attendance and provide participating venture firms a curated list of startups based on their current interest

  • VCs will reach out as desired to set up meetings with startups at Annual

  • You will only meet with VCs who have previously attended SaaStr events and whose brands and values are accretive to the community


Interested in participating as a VC?

You may be eligible if you’ve attended a past SaaStr Annual. Get in touch to learn more!!


Top Tier VCs Are Ready to Meet You at SaaStr Annual!

“After officially kicking off our Series A fundraising effort at the SaaStr Annual, we had three term sheets land within 36 hours of each other!” -- Nathan Wenzel, CEO, Simple Legal

“We raised our $2.8m seed round at SaaStr from the top 3 investors!” -- Jordi Romero, CEO, FactorialHR

Open exclusively to post-revenue Founders and CEOs, we invite you to submit your startup to our Meet a VC program. If you match the criteria of our VCs, they will reach out to you to meet during SaaStr Annual 2020. Good luck!



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Please provide as an accessible link via Box, Dropbox or Google Drive. If necessary, provide file password if applicable. *Please note, if we encounter any issues downloading your file, we may be unable to match you with a VC.*
By checking this box, you affirm your participation and opt-in to the Meet a VC Program. You also give SaaStr consent to give top-tier VCs the information provided above. Lastly, you acknowledge that participation in this program is voluntary and does not guarantee that you will be matched with a VC *